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Outdoor digital billboards have been gradually but steadily replacing traditional “fixed” billboards, and it’s easy to see why. Digital billboard advertising offers a highly effective way to expand brand messaging, promote sales and time-sensitive events, and attract thousands of potential new customers. They’re also an optimal way to stretch the most out of your advertising dollars while offering robust flexibility and versatility for businesses of any size or industry. Has your business been debating between a traditional or digital billboard, or wondering how a digital billboard might benefit your business? Read on!


Prime Locations and Eye-Catching Displays


Digital billboards, much like traditional ones, are positioned prime locations like busy expressways and roadsides, allowing them to be viewed by thousands of commuters weekly. In our Dixon location alone, approximately 470,000 commuters drive by our digital billboard weekly – that’s a significant number of viewers who could turn into potential customers! While most types of advertising require the audience to “opt-in” or choose to view the ad, digital billboards offer passive viewing that can’t be easily ignored. With large bright displays, digital billboards provide an eye-catching advertisement that people notice on a subliminal level – even when they’re not actively paying attention.

Flexibility at its Finest


Digital billboards offer businesses of all sizes total flexibility. Unlike traditional billboards, they can be changed on the fly to reflect a company’s needs, such as advertising a flash sale or other timely events. They have the capability to allow for integration with social media and specialized display options like live updates, event countdowns, dates, times, and weather. Digital billboards allow businesses to blend their advertising efforts to work synergistically, allowing them to optimize their advertising budget and generate a far better ROI. Businesses also have the option to integrate methods like “geofencing” which can track a targeted audience’s travel behavior to determine the best possible times to display messaging.

Businesses can easily adjust the length of time or frequency they choose to display a particular message, making digital billboards an excellent advertising option for those who want to promote a special event for a short period of time, or who want to test the efficacy of the billboard to attract new customers. They can also split the cost of the billboard with other nearby businesses, which offers even greater affordability for small businesses that may not be able to afford the full cost on their own.

Ready to Learn More?


If you’re interested in learning more about how outdoor digital billboard advertising can benefit your business, contact Veale Outdoor Advertising! We’re the only locally owned, licensed, outdoor advertising business in Sonoma County and have over 30 years of experience working with local businesses to expand their customer base and marketing efforts through outdoor advertising. We offer outdoor digital advertising in several locations throughout Sonoma and Solano counties, including Dixon, Vacaville, and Rohnert Park. Give us a call today at (707) 777-7777 to discuss your business needs!