The Advantages of Digital Billboard Advertising

The Advantages of Digital Billboard Advertising

Digital billboards aren’t a new creation; they’ve been captivating viewers in Times Square and Piccadilly Circus for over a decade. When the first digital billboards were installed in 2005, they were only feasible for the largest global brands with vast marketing budgets.

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Today, technological advancements have greatly reduced the costs of digital screen technology, which has produced some exciting changes for outdoor advertising. As technology has become more affordable, digital billboards have begun to replace traditional static billboards, a trend that will undoubtedly continue. Why is digital on the rise? Digital billboards have some significant advantages and benefits for businesses:

Prime real estate

Lower production costs

  • No posters are required, so you save money on the cost of printing. There also aren’t any weathering concerns with digital ads.

Shorter lead times

  • When you advertise with digital, your ad is sent electronically to the screen, often within a matter of minutes. There’s no need to order a paper poster two weeks before your ad goes up. People can start viewing your ad almost immediately.

Ability to have multiple messages

  • If you’re promoting more than one business, you can send in different versions of your ad with the address of each one. Promoting two products or services? Just send in two ads. You’ll be able to use your time slot to display both of them.

Competitive advantage

  • Digital billboards allow for greater creativity with your ads, which allows your business to truly stand out from the competition.

Ads for Specific Days

  • Have an event on Tuesdays and another one on Thursdays? You can run ads for a given day of the week. Announce your special on Tuesday, then change your ad for the Thursday offer. This reduces wastage (times when your advertising is less effective) and makes more efficient use of your advertising budget.


  • With their illuminated ad space and moving images, digital ads command attention and are difficult to ignore. While some people may tune out static ads, digital ads attract attention and make it more likely your audience sees – and retains – your messaging.


  • Digital advertising increases the opportunity to be more creative with your messaging. Here are a few examples of how you can leverage digital in a creative way that gets your ads optimal exposure:
    • If your restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, use three separate ads at the appropriate time of day. Show a hearty breakfast between 6 – 11 am, a delicious sandwich between the hours of 11 am and 3 pm, and a juicy steak between 3 – 8 pm.
      Do you have a restaurant that stays open late? Advertise a tasty dish between 10 pm and 2 am only.
    • If your travel agency has great winter sun deals, advertise a sunny location once the weather drops to frigid temperatures. It’s possible with digital!
    • Advertise cold beverages, ice cream, or a relaxing beer garden only when it’s warm and sunny out.
    • Opening a new store or launching a new product? Do a countdown until the big event, for example, “Only 5 days left to go! Reserve your spot today.”
    • Do you have products for two demographics, like men and women? You can A/B split test content by running ads with different offers and tracking the response.

Clearly, digital has significant advantages over traditional static billboards – and even better, you no longer need to be a global company with unlimited resources to use it. Digital advertising is now available and affordable for all businesses. Contact Veale Outdoor Advertising today at 707-777-7777 to request a price quote and availability.

OOH a Favorite in Today’s Market

In today’s market there is competition with TV and Radio as well as other forms of advertising. Television and radio are becoming more and more bombarded with ads between soap operas and your favorite pop station. That is not the case with OOH. OOH is honest and right to the point. There are no disruptions of commercials such as TV, radio, and mobile ads. People tend to be more responsive when they are on the go and OOH is perfect to reach a local, regional, or national audience with the most impressions. OOH has been able to integrate with mobile technology the best as compared to radio and television due to the interaction a citizen would have with the ad. Example would be an interactive screen at the airport with a pizza ad, the ad has features where someone could make a virtual pizza on the screen, see what it looks like, and the cost. This draws customers to the pizza location, increases word of mouth, and drives traffic to the company’s website, as well as the physical location.

  • OOH is the oldest form of advertising compared to radio and television.
    • There is a reason while it is still here, it just works.
  • There has been constant revenue growth for the 21st consecutive quarter year-to-year. (Source: Digital Signage Advertising)
  • Billboard ads prompt more positive responses than ads on live TV (Source: USA TouchPoints)
  • Seventy one percent (71%) of digital billboard viewers feel digital billboard ads stand out better than online ads, and almost as well as TV ads (Source: Nielsen)
  • Studies show that consumers spend 70 percent of their waking hours away from home, which means that they are more exposed to OOH ads as ever before. . (Source: Digital Signage Advertising)


Outdoor Advertising specifically billboard advertisement is continually growing and is a consistent way to reach your audience.

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