You’ve seen Veale Outdoor Advertising billboards throughout Northern California. We work with many national brands that are widely known, such as McDonald’s, Toyota, Honda, and Jack in the Box. In addition to these major players, we are also proud to work with a number of local companies such as Amy’s Drive Thru, Summit State Bank, Redwood Credit Union, and the Green Music Center. One group in particular that we enjoy working with is GO LOCAL.

GO LOCAL is an economic development marketer that only works with local businesses in Sonoma County. The aim of the association is to support local businesses so that cash flow stays within the community, and the community as a whole can benefit from that increased cash flow.


Go Local


Veale, as a Sonoma County based business with 35 years of experience focusing on local advertising, joined GO LOCAL years ago. Their focus on community economic development resonates with our long standing contributions to the area. Through this association, many local businesses get exposure and advertising that they wouldn’t normally have access to such as outdoor media. Through our partnership, Veale puts GO LOCAL advertisements in front of thousands of drivers and passengers on their daily commute. We are happy to work with this local organization to support homegrown businesses. We are stronger together.


GO LOCAL operates in Sonoma County. Their work assists locally owned businesses grow their share of market sales in Sonoma County and the surrounding region. In turn, this keeps more of those spent dollars recirculating in the county. However, there is no reason that a similar organization wouldn’t be able to offer the same services in other areas of Northern California. In the past 9 years, GO LOCAL has generated over 3 billion gross media impressions carrying their singular message. This is an excellent model for small and mid-sized businesses in Northern California looking to maximize their marketing dollars. In the next blog, we will tell you the best way to work with other businesses to maximize your outdoor budget.

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