Expanding Your Marketing Budget

Billboard advertising is a big powerful and eye-catching way to broadcast your message. So everyone’s question is how can we become involved even if budget is an issue? How can you maximize your marketing budget while also maximizing ROI.

Many small businesses have now made use of what’s called shared spots. Through sharing billboard space, businesses can harness the power of outdoor advertising! For small and medium sized businesses, billboard sharing is a unique opportunity for the smaller guys to use advertising that is often commandeered by the national brands. This is an incredibly cost-effective solution to get your business’ advertisement in front of thousands and thousands of drivers and passengers. With a digital billboard, multiple companies can share a 6 second spot. By sharing with other companies to fill the spot, your company gains the advantage of the entire billboard at a fraction of the cost. As many as 5 companies can share a single spot and still be effective.

How does this work? Veale Outdoor Advertising has a state-of-the-art, proven effective digital billboard in the Sacramento/Dixon area. Thousands of commuters traveling through Fairfield, Vacaville, Davis, Sacramento, and Dixon see this billboard on a daily basis. On a weekend or during rush hour, people sit in traffic for extended periods of time, sometimes spending as long as 2-5 minutes in front of this billboard.

Because you are sharing the cost of the billboard spot, this is a way to access the advertising power of billboards and it stretches your budget further. For example, instead of running a full spot ad the two weeks before an event, sharing a spot allows you to run that ad for months leading up to the event. Showcasing your advertisement for a longer period – say over several months – is much more effective than showing it for only a week or two. Because it is less expensive on a per month breakdown and it spreads the time you can afford the ad, sharing a billboard spot gives you longer exposure and allows you to stretch your budget.

Case studies of our local customers in the Northern California show how much notoriety they get on the boards and how thrilled they are with the results. Sharing a spot might just be the ticket to wildly promote your business – contact us to learn more about billboard sharing and see what kind of companies we would connect you with!

Clients of Veale Outdoor Advertising