This Retro Advertising Method has Modern Appeal

When considering their advertising budget, many companies limit themselves to social media campaigns and costly TV and radio advertising. But road trip favorite Cracker Barrel is leading the way in craft an advertising campaign with timeless appeal. The restaurant commits nearly 50% of its advertising budget to billboard ads, according to eMarketer. Their charming, southern-style restaurants are often located near exits and major highways in order to attract travelers on long distance journeys, so an extensive billboard advertising campaign is a natural fit for their business. And it’s proven to be a very effective strategy. The corporation has experienced annual growth of over 10%.



Many companies overlook this strategy when crafting their advertising budget. But outdoor advertising such as billboards remain effective even in a modern climate. Although social media campaigns can target specific audiences closely, billboards–including digital billboards–can help your business gain exposure to a wide customer base. Here are four ways to ensure the effectiveness of your next outdoor advertising campaign:


1. Pattern your campaign after other successful brands


There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. When you see an advertising strategy that’s worked well for other brands, consider designing a similar campaign for your own product and audience. This strategy worked well for the grocery delivery app Instacart. According to an interview in AdWeek, their online media strategy was seeing declining returns in 2014. Their former media manager chose to pattern their new campaign after the subway billboard campaign he saw utilized by other companies. Though the subsequent growth was difficult to quantify, Instacart enjoyed a surge of online subscribers.


2. Create a campaign with visual impact


Unlike online advertising, an outdoor media advertising exists in a rich–and sometimes distracting–physical environment. To increase the impact of your billboards, use eye-catching designs that can be easily read from afar. And consider ways to increase user interaction with these ads. A hashtag campaign embedded in a billboard can increase reach, as consumers take quick snaps with their smartphones and share them in online spaces.


3. Consider the impact of travel time in your ad placement


Online ads on social media are viewed quickly and then dismissed. However, Americans spend huge amounts of time in their cars, particularly those in congested areas or with long commutes. Carefully placed advertisements in prime real estate could be viewed for far longer than other advertising. A deliberately planned outdoor advertising campaign can help even companies who primarily do their business online. According to Investor’s Business Daily, companies like Amazon and Netflix are some of the biggest spenders when it comes to outdoor advertising.


4. Combine retro advertising appeal with modern strategies


Just because you’re embarking on an outdoor advertising campaign doesn’t mean you have to forgo new strategies for interaction, design, and more. Smartphone and tracking tech can give you extensive data about who is viewing your ads and when. Outdoor advertising can be combined with interactive elements, like lights which illuminate when ads are being viewed, sample dispensers, and more.


By pacing your ads in outdoor spaces, you’re guaranteeing views–and expanding possible returns. Ads carefully placed on gas station pumps, subway cars and stations, and traffic tunnels integrate seamlessly into the modern landscape, increasing your returns on your advertising investment.



Get Customers Engaged with Outdoor Promotions

Brands are directly engaging more and more with customers. By bridging the divide between company and consumer, brands are able to develop personality, garner buzz, and stick in people’s minds. Billboards are the perfect way to engage with potential customers in a long-lasting way. We’ve mentioned before billboard’s impressive statistics when matched up against television and radio. Since people can switch the radio station, turn the television channel, or close online advertising on a smart device or computer, billboards offer a unique opportunity to engage directly with consumers.

Jelly Belly

Recently Veale Outdoor Advertising offered businesses a chance to put a picture of their mother and their company logo along with a message for Mother’s Day on our digital billboard in Rohnert Park. This is an excellent way to get people involved in your product or service! Small and large businesses responded with personalized messages to moms; see below for advertisements from Jelly Belly and SK Creative.


This was a fun and interesting way for brands to engage with customers using our billboard, with impressive results. We saw an increase of participation of 600% compared to previous attempts at offering free time on the billboard.We saw an increase of 200% of businesses interested in doing business with us compared to a normal business day.  Brands – and customers – are loving the personal approach!


Outdoor advertising remains one of the best ways to grab people’s attention and get them talking about your brand. See Burger King’s recent proposition using their outdoor marquee board asking a nearby Wendy’s to prom. This simple sign has captured the Internet’s attention and brought national exposure to Burger King, signifying the power of outdoor advertising when it comes to connecting with customers.


Billboard advertising is more cost effective than television and radio while giving you a chance to personally connect to existing and new customers. So our questions is…how are you engaging customers directly with your brand? Does your brand have a voice? Billboards give you a chance to use that voice to connect directly with your base and expand to new customers.The personal Mother’s Day ads were an excellent example of the significant role billboards can play in getting customers active with your product. Talk to us today about getting people engaged with your business.


Thank you from the team at Veale Outdoor Advertising.

Expanding Your Marketing Budget

Billboard advertising is a big powerful and eye-catching way to broadcast your message. So everyone’s question is how can we become involved even if budget is an issue? How can you maximize your marketing budget while also maximizing ROI.

Many small businesses have now made use of what’s called shared spots. Through sharing billboard space, businesses can harness the power of outdoor advertising! For small and medium sized businesses, billboard sharing is a unique opportunity for the smaller guys to use advertising that is often commandeered by the national brands. This is an incredibly cost-effective solution to get your business’ advertisement in front of thousands and thousands of drivers and passengers. With a digital billboard, multiple companies can share a 6 second spot. By sharing with other companies to fill the spot, your company gains the advantage of the entire billboard at a fraction of the cost. As many as 5 companies can share a single spot and still be effective.

How does this work? Veale Outdoor Advertising has a state-of-the-art, proven effective digital billboard in the Sacramento/Dixon area. Thousands of commuters traveling through Fairfield, Vacaville, Davis, Sacramento, and Dixon see this billboard on a daily basis. On a weekend or during rush hour, people sit in traffic for extended periods of time, sometimes spending as long as 2-5 minutes in front of this billboard.

Because you are sharing the cost of the billboard spot, this is a way to access the advertising power of billboards and it stretches your budget further. For example, instead of running a full spot ad the two weeks before an event, sharing a spot allows you to run that ad for months leading up to the event. Showcasing your advertisement for a longer period – say over several months – is much more effective than showing it for only a week or two. Because it is less expensive on a per month breakdown and it spreads the time you can afford the ad, sharing a billboard spot gives you longer exposure and allows you to stretch your budget.

Case studies of our local customers in the Northern California show how much notoriety they get on the boards and how thrilled they are with the results. Sharing a spot might just be the ticket to wildly promote your business – contact us to learn more about billboard sharing and see what kind of companies we would connect you with!

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