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Brands are directly engaging more and more with customers. By bridging the divide between company and consumer, brands are able to develop personality, garner buzz, and stick in people’s minds. Billboards are the perfect way to engage with potential customers in a long-lasting way. We’ve mentioned before billboard’s impressive statistics when matched up against television and radio. Since people can switch the radio station, turn the television channel, or close online advertising on a smart device or computer, billboards offer a unique opportunity to engage directly with consumers.

Jelly Belly

Recently Veale Outdoor Advertising offered businesses a chance to put a picture of their mother and their company logo along with a message for Mother’s Day on our digital billboard in Rohnert Park. This is an excellent way to get people involved in your product or service! Small and large businesses responded with personalized messages to moms; see below for advertisements from Jelly Belly and SK Creative.


This was a fun and interesting way for brands to engage with customers using our billboard, with impressive results. We saw an increase of participation of 600% compared to previous attempts at offering free time on the billboard.We saw an increase of 200% of businesses interested in doing business with us compared to a normal business day.  Brands – and customers – are loving the personal approach!


Outdoor advertising remains one of the best ways to grab people’s attention and get them talking about your brand. See Burger King’s recent proposition using their outdoor marquee board asking a nearby Wendy’s to prom. This simple sign has captured the Internet’s attention and brought national exposure to Burger King, signifying the power of outdoor advertising when it comes to connecting with customers.


Billboard advertising is more cost effective than television and radio while giving you a chance to personally connect to existing and new customers. So our questions is…how are you engaging customers directly with your brand? Does your brand have a voice? Billboards give you a chance to use that voice to connect directly with your base and expand to new customers.The personal Mother’s Day ads were an excellent example of the significant role billboards can play in getting customers active with your product. Talk to us today about getting people engaged with your business.


Thank you from the team at Veale Outdoor Advertising.

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Californians are accustomed to seeing changeable outdoor message signs run by Caltrans. They usually have public safety messages, Amber Alerts, and traffic directions. These Caltrans boards are an important service to the community and Californians have agreed this is the appropriate type of information that should be on our highway and freeway’s public spaces. Californians want to keep our public right-of-way space free from commercial advertising. AB1405

Instead of acknowledging the importance of the existing system, and the important relationship between advertisers and local government,  state Assembly member Kevin Mullin has authored a bill that would steamroll over this successful approach that has been working for many years. AB 1405 leaves our public roads open to total commercialization and blight. Not only that, this bill also wrestles away local government control and completely ignores the public’s wishes regarding outdoor signage. It shifts critical local revenue out of the hands of local government and sends it straight to Sacramento.

While Mullins claims this bill will generate millions in revenue each year for the state of California, what he fails to mention is the enormous impact this would have on existing municipal governments and residents.

AB 1405, would completely destroy long-term, productive public-private partnerships that many local governments in our state enter into with outdoor signage companies. The economic benefits of billboards would be ripped from local county and city governments, as well as local businesses, and handed over to Caltrans in this power grab. The profits are presently shared between neighborhoods, residents, and local businesses. Municipal governments often negotiate billboard agreements that provide ongoing revenue to support public safety and other initiatives in exchange for the use of public property. Currently, the billboard industry supports local business and local government initiatives. AB1405 will eviscerate that business, instead giving the revenue to Sacramento. To learn more about this power grab, read this article. Most importantly, get involved before the vote.

Protect your highways! Keep public thoroughfares in California free and fair to the public!


What Can You Do?


You can directly affect the outcome of this vote! Raise your voice to stop this harmful bill. The vote is set to take place Tuesday, 6/26/18. Pick up the phone and call your State Representatives! PLEASE Call/Email/Write/Post on their Social Media that you oppose AB 1405:

  • Senator Bob Wieckowski, California Senate District 10 – 916-651-4010 –phone is best!
  • Senator Ben Allen, California Senate District 26   – 916-651-4026 – phone is best!
  • Senator Ted Gaines, California Senate District 1 – 916-651-4001 – phone is best!

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Advertising is unique to your brand. For some companies, they may have the marketing budget to support broad campaigns through every outlet. For most companies though, particularly the many local and regional businesses we work with, it is a careful balance to find the right place for your advertising dollars. You want to minimize wasted money while maximizing efficiency. As you can see by the graph, billboards are significantly cheaper than television and traditional media advertising. Although there are many different forms of advertising, out of home advertising – billboards – remain one of the tried and true methods of grabbing customers attention and reaching a targeted geographic audience.


Billboards Versus Radio And Television Advertising

As media becomes more and more fragmented, billboards are even more important. The market of radio listeners and television watchers has splintered. Radio listeners has split between traditional stations, satellite radio, and using MP3 and Bluetooth to play audio in vehicles. With the plethora of different options to listen and watch content, audience share has fractured. The same problem occurs with television (not to mention the number of streaming services that have taken viewers from television). Network television may reach a large amount of viewers, but it is extremely expensive to advertise, there is an rising number of people using DVRs to skip commercials, and many television shows reach an older and lower income audience. Cable television may reach different audiences than broadcast networks, but these audiences are typically smaller and there are many more channels to advertise on. As we’ve discussed in the past, billboards have a distinct advantage over radio and television. It’s impossible to change the channel or station on a billboard. If you’re driving past or in the vicinity, it’s very hard to ignore the impact of a billboard. In fact, there’s some interesting statistics on that…

When compared to traditional print media, television, and radio, billboards cost far less and deliver higher retention rates. According to a study by the Outdoor Media Centre, 74% of those surveyed remembered a billboard advertisement, compared to 58% for online, 52% for newspapers, 46% for magazines, 37% for radio, 26% for cinema, and 16% for mobile. The same study went on to find that two thirds of people have searched the web for a product/service and one third have purchased as a direct result of OOH advertising.  That’s pretty exciting news!

If you have a radio or television advertising for your business, OOH advertising can add depth and reach to your campaign. Billboards are the extremely cost-effective for advertising.  They provide a striking visual component that is missing from radio, and add a localized element to cable advertising. If you’re ready to make your advertising dollars work harder for you, contact Veale Outdoor Advertising regarding traditional and digital billboards that capture attention, stick in consumers’ minds, and translate to sales.

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Billboard advertising is a big powerful and eye-catching way to broadcast your message. So everyone’s question is how can we become involved even if budget is an issue? How can you maximize your marketing budget while also maximizing ROI.

Many small businesses have now made use of what’s called shared spots. Through sharing billboard space, businesses can harness the power of outdoor advertising! For small and medium sized businesses, billboard sharing is a unique opportunity for the smaller guys to use advertising that is often commandeered by the national brands. This is an incredibly cost-effective solution to get your business’ advertisement in front of thousands and thousands of drivers and passengers. With a digital billboard, multiple companies can share a 6 second spot. By sharing with other companies to fill the spot, your company gains the advantage of the entire billboard at a fraction of the cost. As many as 5 companies can share a single spot and still be effective.

How does this work? Veale Outdoor Advertising has a state-of-the-art, proven effective digital billboard in the Sacramento/Dixon area. Thousands of commuters traveling through Fairfield, Vacaville, Davis, Sacramento, and Dixon see this billboard on a daily basis. On a weekend or during rush hour, people sit in traffic for extended periods of time, sometimes spending as long as 2-5 minutes in front of this billboard.

Because you are sharing the cost of the billboard spot, this is a way to access the advertising power of billboards and it stretches your budget further. For example, instead of running a full spot ad the two weeks before an event, sharing a spot allows you to run that ad for months leading up to the event. Showcasing your advertisement for a longer period – say over several months – is much more effective than showing it for only a week or two. Because it is less expensive on a per month breakdown and it spreads the time you can afford the ad, sharing a billboard spot gives you longer exposure and allows you to stretch your budget.

Case studies of our local customers in the Northern California show how much notoriety they get on the boards and how thrilled they are with the results. Sharing a spot might just be the ticket to wildly promote your business – contact us to learn more about billboard sharing and see what kind of companies we would connect you with!

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You’ve seen Veale Outdoor Advertising billboards throughout Northern California. We work with many national brands that are widely known, such as McDonald’s, Toyota, Honda, and Jack in the Box. In addition to these major players, we are also proud to work with a number of local companies such as Amy’s Drive Thru, Summit State Bank, Redwood Credit Union, and the Green Music Center. One group in particular that we enjoy working with is GO LOCAL.

GO LOCAL is an economic development marketer that only works with local businesses in Sonoma County. The aim of the association is to support local businesses so that cash flow stays within the community, and the community as a whole can benefit from that increased cash flow.


Go Local


Veale, as a Sonoma County based business with 35 years of experience focusing on local advertising, joined GO LOCAL years ago. Their focus on community economic development resonates with our long standing contributions to the area. Through this association, many local businesses get exposure and advertising that they wouldn’t normally have access to such as outdoor media. Through our partnership, Veale puts GO LOCAL advertisements in front of thousands of drivers and passengers on their daily commute. We are happy to work with this local organization to support homegrown businesses. We are stronger together.


GO LOCAL operates in Sonoma County. Their work assists locally owned businesses grow their share of market sales in Sonoma County and the surrounding region. In turn, this keeps more of those spent dollars recirculating in the county. However, there is no reason that a similar organization wouldn’t be able to offer the same services in other areas of Northern California. In the past 9 years, GO LOCAL has generated over 3 billion gross media impressions carrying their singular message. This is an excellent model for small and mid-sized businesses in Northern California looking to maximize their marketing dollars. In the next blog, we will tell you the best way to work with other businesses to maximize your outdoor budget.

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To all our family, neighbors, and friends throughout Sonoma County, Veale Outdoor Advertising stands with you. We would like the thank all the first responders. What an incredible response from fire fighters, police officers, sheriffs, the National guard, emergency medical services, volunteers, and everyone who was involved in helping our community. We have never been more proud to be a part of Sonoma County.


sonoma county strong


Veale would also like to thank the businesses, non-profits, organizations, and individuals that stepped in to help our community in so many ways. From holding benefits to offering those affected by the fires a warm meal to donations of all types, our community has gathered together in an incredible show of strength.


sonoma pride


Veale was happy to help by broadcasting messages of support to the thousands that drive past our billboards every day. As a family owned and operated local business, we all have been directly or indirectly affected by the fires. We are heartbroken to see the devastation in our hometown, but encouraged by the incredible outpouring of love and support we see everywhere. Local businesses and organizations were able to use our digital billboard to spread information regarding benefits and donation centers, thanks to first responders, and messages of love.


thank you first responders


We have proudly served Sonoma County for the last 35 years. Through the smoke, our message of love can be seen. We have brightened to see people opening their homes to near strangers, donating time to sift through ashes, and the outpouring of donations that Sonoma County has received from our surrounding areas in California and beyond. It is incredible to see that local businesses, residents, basketball stars, government agencies, rock bands, and multi-national conglomerates have joined forces to contribute to fire recovery efforts. There is a long road to recover ahead but know that Veale Outdoor Advertising stands with you. We remain #sonomacountystrong.


Sonoma Strong

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Today Billboard Insider released the 2017 Billboard Insider out of home website rankings. Insider reviewed 337 out of home company websites and computed a score for each company based on the website’s contact info, sign info, readability and social media impact. Veale ranked in third place! Read the entire article here:

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We couldn’t be more excited to have recently been honored by Billboard Insider as their Company of the Day. Billboard Insider, an industry news and analysis website, chooses to recognize standout companies on their site. Veale Outdoor Advertising has been singled out for this distinction, with Billboard Insider noting that we have served the North Bay for 30 years and Tom Jackson’s outstanding leadership and 25 years of experience in the industry. Billboard Insider also points out the fact that we are Sonoma County’s only locally owned, licensed, outdoor advertising business.


For more information, see the original article here:

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Sonoma-USA is a local company that recycles used vinyls/banners from local cities, businesses, individuals, billboard companies, and transforms them into stunning bags, purses, wallets, laptop cases, and more.

By helping the environment and recycling these materials that are typically never used again they can increase to knowledge of sustainability, recycling, and overall helping the local communities.

Sonoma-USA donates a percentage of their profits to charities in the local communities. One partner, Sonoma Raceway, asks to have the profits from their used banners to be donated to Speedway Children’s Foundation. We at Veale Outdoor will choose to have the percentage donated to the Salvation Army.

How It Works

-Pick up banners at facility
-Clean weigh, and catalog them
-Work on design/cutting/sewing magic, and turn them into unique products
-Sell products on website
-Donate percentage of proceeds from products made from banners back to charity of choice from donor

Benefits for Donor

– Save money from hauling banners to landfill
– Take back valuable storage space
– New sustainable/green message to share with community
– Unique products to advertise/market to customers (via online shop)
– Kick back for charity from sales

Customer Benefits

– Receive unique product (“own a piece of history”)
– Support charitable causes with every purchase
– Support re-purposing/reusing/up-cycling – reducing what ends up in the landfill

Kickstarter Campaign for Sonoma-USA

Sonoma-USA 2


Sonoma-USA has a Kickstarter campaign running and are asking for a pledge of $30,000.

Go check out their page and watch their video showing their wonderful products.

The products are extremely sturdy and durable with a “feel good” aspect since you would be helping the environment and local charities as well. By pledging a certain amount of money you will receive a special product made just for you. No one product is the same, it is unique to you, and no one else.


We at Veale are proud to start working with Sonoma-USA and are looking forward to helping spread the word about sustainability and the local communities.

#vealecares #rethinkwaste