Advantages of Digital vs. Traditional Billboards:

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There’s no question that outdoor advertising is effective. According to a 2013 Out of Home Advertising study conducted by Arbitron Inc, the average American spends about 20 hours a week traveling, either by personal vehicles or public transportation; this equals roughly about 170 to 350 miles in total travel distance. The same study found that… Read more »

Why Go Digital? The Real Question Is, Why Not?

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Outdoor digital billboards have been gradually but steadily replacing traditional “fixed” billboards, and it’s easy to see why. Digital billboard advertising offers a highly effective way to expand brand messaging, promote sales and time-sensitive events, and attract thousands of potential new customers. They’re also an optimal way to stretch the most out of your advertising… Read more »

Lessons Learned from Digital Advertising Woes

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No matter the scope of your outdoor advertising campaign, there can be lessons drawn from the successes–and failures–of modern digital advertising campaigns. One, many advertisers believed that online digital advertising offered complete transparency about effectiveness. However, state of the art out-of-home advertising challenges that belief. With new digital billboards which can gauge the passing speed… Read more »

Google Puts Outdoor Advertising Budget to Good Use with This Unbelievable Interactive Billboard

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Times Square recently became the home of the largest billboard in history. This interactive billboard features a screen by Mitsubishi Electric that’s the size of a football field. The Diamond Vision AVL-ODT10, as it’s known, delivers a pixel density of 2,368 x 10,048, exceeding 4K display resolution by 15 million pixels.Google has become the first… Read more »

This Retro Advertising Method has Modern Appeal

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When considering their advertising budget, many companies limit themselves to social media campaigns and costly TV and radio advertising. But road trip favorite Cracker Barrel is leading the way in craft an advertising campaign with timeless appeal. The restaurant commits nearly 50% of its advertising budget to billboard ads, according to eMarketer. Their charming, southern-style… Read more »

Get Customers Engaged with Outdoor Promotions

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Brands are directly engaging more and more with customers. By bridging the divide between company and consumer, brands are able to develop personality, garner buzz, and stick in people’s minds. Billboards are the perfect way to engage with potential customers in a long-lasting way. We’ve mentioned before billboard’s impressive statistics when matched up against television… Read more »

AB 1405 Will Take Away Control From Local Governments and Harm Local Business

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Californians are accustomed to seeing changeable outdoor message signs run by Caltrans. They usually have public safety messages, Amber Alerts, and traffic directions. These Caltrans boards are an important service to the community and Californians have agreed this is the appropriate type of information that should be on our highway and freeway’s public spaces. Californians… Read more »

Billboards Versus Radio and Television Advertising

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Advertising is unique to your brand. For some companies, they may have the marketing budget to support broad campaigns through every outlet. For most companies though, particularly the many local and regional businesses we work with, it is a careful balance to find the right place for your advertising dollars. You want to minimize wasted… Read more »

Expanding Your Marketing Budget

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Billboard advertising is a big powerful and eye-catching way to broadcast your message. So everyone’s question is how can we become involved even if budget is an issue? How can you maximize your marketing budget while also maximizing ROI. Many small businesses have now made use of what’s called shared spots. Through sharing billboard space, businesses… Read more »


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You’ve seen Veale Outdoor Advertising billboards throughout Northern California. We work with many national brands that are widely known, such as McDonald’s, Toyota, Honda, and Jack in the Box. In addition to these major players, we are also proud to work with a number of local companies such as Amy’s Drive Thru, Summit State Bank,… Read more »