Veale is proud to be Sonoma County Strong

Veale is proud to be Sonoma County Strong

To all our family, neighbors, and friends throughout Sonoma County, Veale Outdoor Advertising stands with you. We would like the thank all the first responders. What an incredible response from fire fighters, police officers, sheriffs, the National guard, emergency medical services, volunteers, and everyone who was involved in helping our community. We have never been more proud to be a part of Sonoma County.


sonoma county strong


Veale would also like to thank the businesses, non-profits, organizations, and individuals that stepped in to help our community in so many ways. From holding benefits to offering those affected by the fires a warm meal to donations of all types, our community has gathered together in an incredible show of strength.


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Veale was happy to help by broadcasting messages of support to the thousands that drive past our billboards every day. As a family owned and operated local business, we all have been directly or indirectly affected by the fires. We are heartbroken to see the devastation in our hometown, but encouraged by the incredible outpouring of love and support we see everywhere. Local businesses and organizations were able to use our digital billboard to spread information regarding benefits and donation centers, thanks to first responders, and messages of love.


thank you first responders


We have proudly served Sonoma County for the last 35 years. Through the smoke, our message of love can be seen. We have brightened to see people opening their homes to near strangers, donating time to sift through ashes, and the outpouring of donations that Sonoma County has received from our surrounding areas in California and beyond. It is incredible to see that local businesses, residents, basketball stars, government agencies, rock bands, and multi-national conglomerates have joined forces to contribute to fire recovery efforts. There is a long road to recover ahead but know that Veale Outdoor Advertising stands with you. We remain #sonomacountystrong.


Sonoma Strong

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