Why Out of Home Continues to Grow & Succeed

Why Out of Home Continues to Grow & Succeed


Unbelievable Reach:

OOH advertising reaches on-the-go consumers that traditional advertisements ignore. Consumers are away from home 70% of the day. This brings more value to OOH and has a bigger impact on reaching a bigger target market.


OOH gives the advertiser creative freedom when it comes to use of photos, graphics, phrases, digital usage, static usage, small size, or large size. With so many options there are endless possibilities for you to convey your message.


OOH can reach direct targets based on any time frame you like: holidays, school breaks, seasons, or elections. By focusing on the right time of the year OOH can reach your target market with the most impact.


With a high number of impressions per billboard, bus shelter, wall, etc. , OOH offers BIG value and options to save money and efficient with your advertising dollars.


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Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Social Advocates for Youth


This Saturday March 19th at 5pm our General Manager Tom Jackson will be supporting the


Presented by the Santa Rosa East Rotary Club and held at the Friedman Event Center in Santa Rosa.

Come decked out in your favorite Green Attire and say hi to Tom

This fundraiser is for Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, which is also a partner of the Social Advocates for Youth program.

What will you get?

Silent auction, delicious dinner, cool Irish Dancers, live auction, and a live band!

Need more info, want to sponsor, or donate? Click here.


TLT is a program designed to help the local community’s youth to develop leadership skills through community, civic, and business professionals. Students learn over the course of 9 months about local human services, agriculture, criminal justice, community service, health care, government, environmental/natural resources, and business and media.

If you would like to know more about the TLT program click here.


The SAY program for Sonoma County is an organization that was started in 1971 striving to help support the community’s children, youth, and families with housing, counseling, and job search/opportunities.

To learn more about the programs and the individuals they help click here.







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