Winter Lights Tree Lighting Celebration KSRO

Winter Lights Tree Lighting Celebration KSRO

Our General Manager Tom Jackson was just interviewed on KSRO during the Tree Lighting Ceremony Celebration in our home town of Santa Rosa, Ca.

Tom chatted about his sponsorship with the Santa Rosa Chamber and the Ceremony. Tom and owner Kirk Veale have been involved with the Chamber since the early 1990’s in one way or another. He said he loves the tree lighting because it’s a time for family to enjoy the holidays together and create memories for a lifetime.

He mentioned that Veale loves to support local and Tom is excited that a second digital billboard went live in the Sacramento area this year, reaching travelers throughout the Tahoe, Sacramento, Reno, and Wine Country areas.  Clients tell Tom that they value the new billboard space because static billboards are basically sold out in these areas and that going to digital allows businesses to reach the audience they seek – especially at this time of year.

From all of us at Veale – we wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous holiday and New Year – you can click here to hear the live interview.

OOH a Favorite in Today’s Market

In today’s market there is competition with TV and Radio as well as other forms of advertising. Television and radio are becoming more and more bombarded with ads between soap operas and your favorite pop station. That is not the case with OOH. OOH is honest and right to the point. There are no disruptions of commercials such as TV, radio, and mobile ads. People tend to be more responsive when they are on the go and OOH is perfect to reach a local, regional, or national audience with the most impressions. OOH has been able to integrate with mobile technology the best as compared to radio and television due to the interaction a citizen would have with the ad. Example would be an interactive screen at the airport with a pizza ad, the ad has features where someone could make a virtual pizza on the screen, see what it looks like, and the cost. This draws customers to the pizza location, increases word of mouth, and drives traffic to the company’s website, as well as the physical location.

  • OOH is the oldest form of advertising compared to radio and television.
    • There is a reason while it is still here, it just works.
  • There has been constant revenue growth for the 21st consecutive quarter year-to-year. (Source: Digital Signage Advertising)
  • Billboard ads prompt more positive responses than ads on live TV (Source: USA TouchPoints)
  • Seventy one percent (71%) of digital billboard viewers feel digital billboard ads stand out better than online ads, and almost as well as TV ads (Source: Nielsen)
  • Studies show that consumers spend 70 percent of their waking hours away from home, which means that they are more exposed to OOH ads as ever before. . (Source: Digital Signage Advertising)


Outdoor Advertising specifically billboard advertisement is continually growing and is a consistent way to reach your audience.

Clients of Veale Outdoor Advertising