2016 Political Campaigns

2016 Political Campaigns

How Digital Outdoor Advertising can help improve political campaigns and increase presidential candidates popularity.

Outdoor Advertising Services


The 2016 Presidential campaigns are heating up and DOA can increase the temperature. DOA can help target audiences all the way down to zip code level. Ad copies can be swapped out in less than 12 hours if the competition pushes a new proposition in their future agenda. Out of home advertising reaches 99% of the population compared to the other forms of advertisement. With OOH it can increase discussions on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook just a few hours before a debate. Mobile and PC searches are increased from OOH compared to print newspaper, AM/FM radio, television, and place based.

The presidential election is a time to focus on what the future should be for our country and what your views are. OOH can help bring those views to a number of people who wouldn’t of been reached by other means. The younger generations of America are technologically savvy and by using DOA with the addition of social media, mobile text messaging and social networking will keep increasing and bring more voters to the candidates.



Out of Home Advertising


By choosing the biggest and most popular category in OOH advertising (65% billboards) any campaign can see improvements in votes and support. Combining this along with other forms of media advertising the candidates can see increases in donations, engaging with consumers within their online store, and increase attendance at speeches and debates.



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